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wozflow is a virtual display of Rose S M's reconnection with God. There’s no 20/20 vision without self-healing. Walk in faith not in fear.

Soley (2020)

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Soley is about moving at the beat of your own drums: meeting the Sun within, going all the way from inside out. Soley means "sun" in Haitian Creole. Instead of trying to be understood by everybody else make the decision to understand your being-ness wholeheartedly. Stand on it. Find your Sun. Be the Sun.

6 Fragments (2018)

6 Fragments is like a photo album about faces, places and things captured with my infamous camera, my old friend. It was the first collage I’ve made during a period of introspection that I felt like I was gaining a new perspective. Not only did I see myself in a new light, I saw my work with a new lens. 6 Fragments is an open letter of appreciation to the past, the present and the future.

Sonny x Rose Soloscope (2018)

As I was diving inward, my connection to jazz music became undeniable. Jazz is me. Jazz is my mood. Jazz is my dancing. Sonny Rollins is a genius and a phenomenal jazz tenor saxophonist and human being. We are related to something: improvisation. I never knew someone could translate the feeling I feel when I freestyle until I heard Sonny play, until I saw Sonny perform, until I heard Sonny talk about it. This film is about being surprisingly understood on a soul level and embracing it. Gotta feel it to believe it.

Modern Giant : Lakay (2016-2018)

In 2016, I was studying the history of different civilizations. As I was doing research on Ayiti, I discovered the fascinating and inspiring story of Anacaona, a legendary Taíno chief of Ayiti. She became the driving force behind Modern Giant. Tray carried the message of remembering who you are with such grace.

Two years later, I've revisited this film and birthed Lakay (which means “home” in Haitian Creole). It’s about a child of the Haitian diaspora searching for answers. It’s a visit to self, to the ancestors. It’s about reconnecting with your roots through music, through solitude. Haitian troubadour (twoubadou) music inspired the rhythm, the pace of the film and allowed me to narrate the story using my own voice.

ClaSiKK Instinct (2019)

There wouldn’t be a filmmaker without a dancer. This film is about self-acknowledgement. At a rapid pace, old dance clips reveal my younger self who gradually loses her balance from spinning around. Dancing then became a meditative practice. My creative instinct constantly took me back to the source energy. Call it destiny.

Portrait PV6 (2020)

Portrait PV6 is a visual mixtape I've created to claim my power back. I've used clips from 2011 to 2016 and music that moved me to uncover my truth and to allow the release of my past self. Those years spent suppressing my psychological distress came to an end in 2016. Portrait PV6 was lost then found in translation by the grace of healthy and honest conversations, unconditional love, dancing and qi gong exercises. Harvesting my connection with God saved me. Sharing this message is part of my mission here on Earth.

Bernadette Chante (2020)

 Currently online

Bernadette Chante is the portrait of a Haitian mother, a grandmother, an artist, a woman of God and a merchant. We've met at a community centre where she works. One day, we were discussing about a music group and that's when I've discovered that she used to be a performer. I felt like her life was a testimony. Her message spoke to my heart so I removed the dust off my camera and captured God speaking through her for all of us to hear.

Bernadette sings to the heart of Ayiti, children and the innerchild. Bernadette motivated me to carry on and to keep trying just before the lockdown in March 2020. Kenbe la, pa lage.